Crochet book #3


$12.95 - New Crochet in miniature #3 by Ruth Hanke. Ruth has crocheted for more than 52 years and has written this crochet book and patterns for the "real big world". This is the third miniature crochet book designed entirely by Ruth. Color pictures included.

Contents: (click links for color picture of item)

Extra Tiny baby bunting

Melanie's outfit - Style II

Overalls - Fits Eric or TDI 2 1/2" baby

Playtime outfit - Fits Eric or TDI 2 1/2" baby

Baby Doll in a handkerchief

Baby Doll

Baby bib

Betsy - 2 1/2" doll

Dolly for doll - fits 1 1/4" plastic baby

Ashley - Coat dress

Robin - 2 3/4" or 3" porcelain Megan

Rosie's outfit - Rusty's twin - fits Rusty doll

Rusty's hooded outfit

Side table crochet cloths

Dolls used for crochet patterns

Basic crochet directions

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